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Analysis of the demographics represented in our film opening sequence


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Demographics Haydn Jeavons Sheepskin Productions

The Protagonist:

The Protagonist Lance Bradley is a representation of soldiers who return from duty in Iraq. We wanted to portray them in a light that isn’t shown in the media very often. The objective was to make the audience aware that not all soldiers come back to the UK and just fit straight back into society; some struggle to come to terms with the profound difference between life on the front line and life at home. The characteristics of John Rambo gave verisimilitude to our character as they were likened by our audience. We based aspects of Lance’s costume on that of John Rambo in the opening scene of ‘First Blood’

The Antagonist:

The Antagonist In the opening sequence, the antagonist is a dark character whose face is not shown, to create fear in the audience. The hooded jacket is synonymous to the characterisation; it portrays him as someone you wouldn’t want to cross, which expresses to the audience why the female character is frightened of him. The influence for this character was Lowell from ‘Friends’

The Damsel:

The Damsel The female character is shown as weak and isolated by the fact that she is always alone. It’s a very negative representation of women, but the film tracks her development from this weak woman, to a powerful femme fatale. She becomes the protagonist’s helper.

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