Anxiety Can Be Dealt With Right Approach and Proper Treatment

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Anxiety disorders are the most common form of disorders and can affect anyone at any age but women are more likely to suffer from anxiety.


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Anxiety Can Be Dealt With Right Approach and Proper Treatment Almost all of us have encountered anxiety at various stages in our life. Whether you are appearing in your exams going for a job interview or delivering a speech in public in all of these cases most people tend to become anxious to one degree or the other. Anxiety is your body ’s natural response to stress. It is a feeling of apprehension about what is likely to come. Anxiety makes most people nervous and traumatized. What is Anxiety Disorder Though a small amount of anxiety can be ignored if it persists i.e. to say for a period of six months or more and impedes with your day to day functioning and activities then it becomes an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are the most common form of disorders and can affect anyone at any age but women are more likely to suffer from anxiety. Symptoms of Anxiety With every person the feeling of anxiety produces different reactions. Some may feel sweating to a racing heart whereas others get more severe reactions such as panic attacks painful thoughts and loss of temper. Though some people can manage with little or moderate anxiety at some times if it continues for a longer time then it may take the form of an anxiety attack. Common symptoms of an anxiety attack include feeling faint shortness of breath fear or numbness.

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Anxiety Gives Rise to a Number of Diseases Once you have been diagnosed with anxiety you must visit your doctor to explore options for your treatment and well-being. Often the minor anxiety cases do not need medical treatment. With the doctor ’s advice on specific issues such as lifestyle changes and other modifications they can adjust with their problem and get along in their day to day life. Anxiety is not just bad in itself but it also gives rise to a wide range of psychological illnesses such as panic disorder social anxiety disorder obsessive-compulsive disorderOCDand post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Can be Treated with Medication and Psychotherapy However in moderate to severe cases of anxiety doctors recommend a combination of psychotherapy along with medication. Here the psychologist ’s services are most valuable who impart psychotherapy which is generally a form of counselling the patients to deal with their problems and find solutions to them. Medications typically used to treat anxieties are antidepressants and sedatives. These medicines work to balance brain chemistry prevents recurring of episodes and ward off severe symptoms of anxiety. Most efficient medicines known for treating anxiety disorders include Benzodiazepines Buspirone Antidepressants and Beat-blockers. Changing Your Lifestyle While drugs can not treat anxiety they can control the symptoms so that you can feel better and do well in your day to day life. Also these drugs have various side effects ranging from dizziness headaches blurred vision to trouble in sleeping. Therefore specialists in the field recommend alternatives and adopting a natural way of life. This often includes engaging in other activities developing hobbies and interests and eliminating bad health practices. This also includes inculcating good habits such as getting enough sleep avoiding alcohol cigarettes working out and eating a healthy diet. Conclusion Researchers do not exactly know what brings on anxiety disorder. Like other forms of mental illnesses they stem from a number of factors such as changes in your brain environmental stress and even your genes. The disorders can run in the families and could be linked to faulty circuits in the brain that controls fear and other emotions. People with symptoms of anxiety disorder should consult your doctor who will examine you and with proper medication and a number of other techniques you can manage the feelings of worry and fear and get along well in your lives.

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