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Stroke Peter Nguyen

What Is Stroke?:

What Is Stroke? Stroke is a shortage of blood to the brain.

Why Does Stroke Occur?:

Why Does Stroke Occur? Stroke occurs due to problems with the blood supply to the brain. The blood supply becomes blocked or a blood vessel within the brain ruptures.

What Are My Chances?:

What Are My Chances? About 165,000 strokes occur per year.

Can I Prevent Stroke?:

Can I Prevent Stroke? Yes. Stroke can be prevented by not smoking, eating healthy, and exercising.

Could I Be At Risk?:

Could I Be At Risk? You could be at risk if: There has been a family history of strokes. You have high blood pressure. You have high cholesterol. You have diabetes.

Is There Any Treatment I Can Get?:

Is There Any Treatment I Can Get? Yes, there are medicines and you can perform surgeries.

Can I Help Someone With A Stroke?:

Can I Help Someone With A Stroke? Yes, there is a FAST method. Face: Can they smile? Arm: Can only raise 1 arm? Speech: Is their speech strange? Time: Call 911 IMMEDIATELY!

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