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Understanding The Hague Convention Hague Convention some of a collection of international treaties that issued by global conferences held in The Hague from the Netherlands in 1899 and 1907. The first convention was convened in the invitation of discussion Mikhail Nikolayevich Muravyov the ministry of international affairs of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. In his circular of Jan. 11 1899 Count Muravyov proposed particular issues such as: 1 a limit on the growth of armed forces and also a decrease in the installation of new armaments 2 the application of these fundamentals of this Geneva Convention of 1864 into naval warfare and 3 a revision of this unratified Brussels Declaration of 1874 concerning the laws and customs of land warfare. The convention met to July 29 1899. Just two nations engaged Mexico and the USA. Even though 1899s convention failed to accomplish its objective it did embrace conventions specifying the requirements of a state of habits regarding war on sea and land. Further three declarations were approved --one forbidding using asphyxiating gases yet another forbidding the use of expanding bullets dumdums and yet another banning the sparks of projectiles or explosives out of balloons. Last and most significant was that the adoption of this Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes Producing the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The convention of 1907 though first suggested by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was formally contested by Nicholas II. This convention sat from June 15 to Oct. 18 1907 and has been attended by the representatives of 44 nations. The suggestion for the limitation of

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armaments wasnt accepted. The conference did however embrace several conventions concerning these issues since the employment of force for the retrieval of contract trades the rights and duties of neutral powers and individuals in warfare on sea and land the placing of automatic submarine contact mines the standing of enemy merchant ships bombardment by naval forces in wartime along with the constitution of an worldwide trophy court. 1907s convention revived the announcement forbidding the release of projectiles but didnt infringe the declarations expanding bullets and prohibiting asphyxiating gas. The last acts of this seminar were the unanimous approval by the delegates of this principle of compulsory mediation and the saying of lots of voeux resolutions the earliest of which was that the recommendation that another seminar be summoned in eight decades hence establishing the notion that the best way to take care of global problems was via a set of consecutive conventions. Even though the convention scheduled for 1915 failed to fulfill due to the epidemic of World War I the seminar thought strongly influenced the introduction of the more highly organized League of Nations following the war. More about this https://www.hague-convention-usa.com

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