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This is an introductory video for studying biology.


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Introduction to Studying Biology : 

Introduction to Studying Biology The environment The organisms Life’s continuity Basic concepts

Ecology and Evolution : 

Ecology and Evolution Ecology’s basic principle: every living being is interacting with its environment Living environment Physical environment Evolution: every species is constantly adapting to its environment They are concepts that influence all aspects of the study of life

Ecology : 

Ecology There are different levels of organization and interaction: Sub-atomic particles Atoms Molecules Cells Tissues Organs Systems Organism Species Population Community Ecosystem Biosphere

Slide 5: 

Although constantly interacting, living beings, in ALL levels, maintain a dynamic equilibrium: HOMEOSTASIS (Always kept, inside a cell, in a system, in an organism, in a community...)

Organisms : 

Organisms Their basic unit: the cell (with few exceptions)

Slide 7: 

Remember HOMEOSTASIS? Why are there so many different shapes of cells (and animals, plants, bacteria...)?

How do living beings live? : 

How do living beings live? They have a complex organization They have many parts interacting with each other, each with specific shapes and functions They respond to stimuli from the environment They capture and use energy They grow, develop and reproduce

How is it all done? : 

How is it all done? In the end, it all happens at the cell level (and the molecular level - chemical reactions occuring there) Metabolism: all the basic reactions that occur in the cell (ex: breathing, growth, nutrition, excretion...)

Basic metabolic reactions : 

Basic metabolic reactions Acquisition of “material” (nutrition): Autotrophic Heterotrophic Acquisition of energy to use this “material”: Light Chemical reactions There are many differente ways to use this energy

How is it all controlled? : 

How is it all controlled? Genetic material = DNA and RNA are the “recipe books” Does a good recipe guarantees a good dish? The environment’s influence

How is it “taught” : 

How is it “taught” Genetic material (DNA or RNA)

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