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Ramona Quimby, Age 8 : 

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Author: Beverly Cleary Made By:Hayli

About Ramona : 

About Ramona Ramona is an 8 year old girl. She has an older sister Bezzus. Her sister is about 13 years old.

About Bezzus : 

About Bezzus Bezzus is Ramona’s younger sister. Bezzus and Ramona made dinner one night. They made chicken tights. Because they didn’t like there mothers food sometimes.

About Ramona Egg Trouble : 

About Ramona Egg Trouble Ramona ate an hard boiled egg. She ate it with here father. Then when she took one to school it was a raw egg. She cracked it on her head. It was picture day.

Dinner Night : 

Dinner Night Ramona and Bezzus made chicken tights. They did it because they don’t like there mothers cooking.

Family Dinner : 

Family Dinner Ramona and here family went out to eat. This random guy came up to Ramona. She got scared. He family got seated. Then that guy was talking to the waitress. Mr. Quimby asked for there bill. That guy already payed for there dinner.

The end : 

The end

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