Battle of Bunker Hill

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Nick W, Dakota and Dylan present the Battle of Bunker Hill


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The Battle of Bunker Hill By: Dylan, Dakota, and Nick W.

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The Battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 17, 1775 on Breed’s Hill, as part of the Siege of Boston, during the American Revolutionary War. General Israel Putnam was in charge of the Revolutionary forces, while Major General William Howe commanded the British Forces.

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This battle was one of the earliest in the American Revolution. The battle's name is a misnomer because the major part of the engagement was actually fought on Breed's Hill nearby. The place for this battle was in Charlestown, Massachusetts across the Charles River from Boston. More things about bunker hill

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To the best of our current knowledge, no Bunker took part in the battle on either side, but there were no formal American regiments and no rosters of soldiers, only scattered records pieced together from individual sources. In any event, George Bunker gave the hill its name, as he and his descendants owned its land many years before the battle. A 1931 typed volume of Bunker genealogy states: "The land assigned to George Bunker extended from Main Street in the south, over the hill back of it to the north to Mystic River. More on Bunker Hill

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