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BY: Brittany Lewis and Stacy Yesko WOLVES

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Sit Back, Relax, And Enjoy The Show

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What is an alpha male and female? An alpha female and male is the head female and male of the pack. Also the alpha female and the alpha male are the only ones that are supposed to mate in the pack. There is only one alpha male and one alpha female per pack.

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All wolves have a place in the hierarchy starting from the lowest (subordinance) and going to the highest (dominance) What is a wolf hierarchy?

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Have you ever wondered about the baby wolves? Most litters or groups of young have 5 or 6 pups. But, a litter can have as many as 12 pups. At birth the pups can’t see or hear.

How long until wolf pups can walk? : 

How long until wolf pups can walk? After 2 weeks the pups can walk, and in about 3 weeks they come out of their den for the first time.

How do wolf pups find their place in the hierarchy? : 

How do wolf pups find their place in the hierarchy? The wolf pups play with each other, wrestling to be on the top. This is how they decide where their place is in the hierarchy. However, sometimes other wolves try to defeat the leader of the pack.

Have you ever wondered why wolves howl at the moon? : 

Have you ever wondered why wolves howl at the moon? Really, they are not howling at the moon. They are howling to communicate with other packs and to call back pack members.

How do wolves show sadness for a lost mate? : 

How do wolves show sadness for a lost mate? They howl to show sadness at the death of a mate or the wolf leader.


WHAT DO WOLVES Prefer? THEY LIKE LARGE LIVESTOCK, LIKE moose and caribou. They would prefer to hunt BIG GAME, rather than a squirrel or rabbit, but occasionally they will have a snack!

Wolves will attack all people. : 

Wolves will attack all people. Not true! They will attack you if you come too close, if you hurt one of their babies or pack members, they will also attack if they see you with a gun. Wolves are really gentle creatures. MYTH

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What do wolves eat? Arctic wolves eat mostly arctic hares, caribou, musk oxen, and Dall sheep. Minnesota, wolves feed on deer and moose. Red wolves living in the south eat rabbits, beaver, and mice.

Who raises the wolf pups? : 

Who raises the wolf pups? The whole pack raises the pups. When the mother’s ready to hunt again, one of the pack members-an older brother or sister-stays with the pups.

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Who brings the pups food? The entire pack will help bring the pups food and defend them, if necessary. The pups learn their place on the pack and how to obey pack leaders from the adults. Pups who misbehave are grabbed by the scruff of the neck and carried away from the pack.

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Where do wolves build their dens? All wolves build their den under ground not above ground like in a cave. The mother wolf digs a den or uses an old used one. The den is underground and it goes down in the earth and then it turns and then there’s a lot of space for the mother and the pups when they are born.

When are pups ready for solid food? : 

When are pups ready for solid food? By around 4 weeks of age the pups are still too small to follow the pack to the kill, but their teeth are growing and they’re ready to eat solid food.

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By 8 weeks, the pups have their teeth and no longer need their mother’s milk. She weans them by rolling onto her stomach when they try to nurse. When are the pups too big to be nursed?

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All About The Authors Hi! Our names are Brittany Lewis and Stacy Yesko. We like wolves a lot and that is one reason we wanted to do this power point presentation. We wanted to prove to people around the world that wolves are gentle creatures, and they are. We hope you have learned a lot about wolves. Thank You For Watching Our Show.

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