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Come to the dauntless dogs talk show every Wednesday.We help you go through bullying including, cyber bullying,verbal bullying, and even physical bullying.Not only that we have our own websites.We have information on school events including the science fair,challenge 24, and how to videos.


Welcome to our website! We are a fifth grade class in Greenville, Pennsylvania. After taking a vote, our class named itself "Mrs. Abernethy's Dauntless Dogs." We are brave and ready to take on the injustices of the world. From cyberbullying to state testing to topics as complex as pi, we are ready for anything. We use many of the sites listed on this website in our daily quest for knowledge, and we create many sites along the way. We love to share what we learn with others. Feel free to use our links or just check out our great classroom projects, field trips, classroom pets and more! Thank you for showing interest in our classroom. We hope you enjoy the site! We have our own website. Click on the link for more information


Check out our morning talk show! Check out the other sites ! Come to our club every Wednesday! Help others! Don't be sour have some power!


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This is the dauntless dog crew.You can join if you would like,you can be the camera crew,the editing crew,or you could be on the show and talk.We have funny skits and commercial breaks


H O P E Y O U L I K E D I T P L E A S E W A T C H O U R V I D E O S ! T H I S I S A L I N K T O O U R L A T E S T V I D E O P L E A S E W A T C H ! ! ! ! !

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