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The Sons of Liberty notable members

Samuel Adams:

Samuel Adams Samuel was a political writer,tax collector, fire warden, and he was the founder of The Sons of Liberty.

Joseph Allicock:

Joseph Allicock Joseph Allicock was an African American, and the leader of The Sons of Liberty in New York.

Benedict Arnold:

Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold was a businessman, general in the Continental Army and then the British Army.

Timothy Bigelow:

Timothy Bigelow Timothy Bigelow was a Blacksmith in Worcester.

Benjamin Edes :

Benjamin Edes Benjamin Edes was journalists, publisher, and a Boston Gazette. He also lived in Boston.

Christopher Gadsen:

Christopher Gadsen Christopher Gadsen was a merchant, he lived in Charleston and South Caroloina.

John Hancock:

John Hancock John Hancock was a merchant,smuggler, and a fire warden, he lived in Boston.

Patrick Henry:

Patrick Henry Patrick Henry was a lawyer,he lived in Virginia.

John Lamb:

John Lamb John Lamb was a trader, he lived in New York City.

Issac Sears :

Issac Sears Issac Sears was a captain of privateers. He lived in New York City.

Haym Salamon:

Haym Salamon Haym Salamon was a financer. He lived in Broker New York and Philadelphia.

James Swan:

James Swan James Swan was an American Patriot and a financer. He lived in Boston.

Isaiah Thomas:

Isaiah Thomas Isaiah Thomas was a printer. He was the first to read The Declaration of Independance in Massachusetts. He lived in Boston then Worcester.

Oliver Wolcott:

Oliver Wolcott Oliver Wolcott was a lawyer. He lived in Connecticut.

Charles Thomson:

Charles Thomson Charles Thomson was a tutor, seceretary. He lived in Philadelphia.

Alexander Mcdougall:

Alexander Mcdougall Alexander Mcdougall was a captain of privateers. He lived in New York City.

James Otis :

James Otis James Otis was a lawyer in Massachusetts.


“Taxation without representation is tyranny” -James Otis

Charles Willson Peale:

Charles Willson Peale Charles Willson Peale was a portrait painter, saddle maker, and he lived in Annapolis, Maryland.

Paul Revere:

Paul Revere Paul Revere was a silversmith, fire warden, and he lived in Boston.

Thomas Young:

Thomas Young Thomas Young was a doctor, and he lived in Boston.

Joseph Warren:

Joseph Warren Joseph Warren was a doctor/soldier, and he lived in Boston.

Benjamin Rush:

Benjamin Rush Benjamin Rush was a physician in Philadelphia.

Marinus Willet:

Marinus Willet Marinus Willet was a cabinet maker, soldier, and he lived in New york.

The Boston Tea Party:

The Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party was a political protest by the sons of liberty of boston, on December 16, 1773, the demonstraters ,some dressed as Native Americans ruined an entire shipment of tea sent by the East India Company, in defiance of the tea act of May 10, 1773.


Here are some pictures!


1ST ROW : Samuel Adams, Benedict Arnold, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, and James Otis Jr. 2ND ROW : Paul Revere, James Swan, Alexander Mcdougall, Benjamin Rush, and Charles Thomson. 3RD ROW : Joseph Warren, Marinus Willet, Oliver Wolcott, Christopher Gadsen, and Haym Salamon.


In this picture the sons of liberty are tarring feathering a british official.


Here is the sons of liberty flag there are thirteen stripes for the thirteen colonies.




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