VOTE 4 Calissa!

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VOTE 4 Calissa : 

VOTE 4 Calissa By Courtney and Cylee

Calissa Loves Bunnys : 

Calissa Loves Bunnys

I am for you, Red White and Blue : 

I am for you, Red White and Blue Vote for me I will give you my trust. I will make sure there is no bullying I will help you with your homework I will cheer you up all the time if you are down. Calissa rocks!

Calissa and The Animals : 

Calissa and The Animals Calissa would care for all the animals if she had to. I bet all the animals would vote for her! I will vote for her

Thanks too…….. : 

Thanks too…….. Thank to all the people that are going to vote for me. Special thanks to my committee Cylee Courtney John Alexis Elizabeth Cierra Emily Maddie Kyla

I approve : 

I approve Hi. I’m Calissa. I approve this message!! 

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