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Panthers By: Paige K. and Natalie C.

Awesome Facts:

Awesome Facts Status Endangered They are endangered because they can hurt you , and they are not safe around people. All those people out there are hurting them. Just because they are mean dose not mean , you need to hurt them. If you are nice to them they are nice back.


Size Male, are up to 130 pounds; Females, are up to 70 pounds


Habitat Cypress swamps , pine hardwood hammock , pinelands forests.

Panthers left:

Panthers left There are 80 to 100 panthers , Still left in Florida , making this one of the most rare endangered mammals in the world.


Food Mostly white-tailed deer , sometimes wild hogs , rabbits , raccoons, armadillo and birds.

Description :

Description One of 30 cougar subs pleases , tan and brown on the back and pale gray underneath , with white flecks on the head , neck and shoulder.

The End:

The End Hope you liked it

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