Top Ten Terrorists

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Top ten Terrorist:

Top ten Terrorist By Caidyn and Jasper

#10 Suharto :

#10 Suharto Suharto was dictator of Indonesia until 1998. Many called it Suharto’s 32 year of terror. Death toll 800,000

#9 Benito Mussolini:

#9 Benito Mussolini If one of the trains was off by a minute he would take the conductor and execute him in front of everyone to make a point. Death toll 300,000

#8 King Leopold the 2nd:

#8 King Leopold the 2nd After a price raise in rubber he forced natives to collect sap from rubber plants. If they refused, they were killed. He was also responsible for millions of murders Death toll 8,000,000

#7 Genghis Khan:

#7 Genghis Khan A Mongolian warrior in the 13 th /14 th century, killed millions of people, earning him a reputation as a monster in the history books Death toll 2.5 million

#6 Ida Amin Dada:

#6 Ida Amin Dada His rule as president of Uganda for 8 years was characterized by human rights abuse. Death toll 300,000

#5 Sadaam Hussein:

#5 Sadaam Hussein Notable for killing his own people as president of Iraq through 1979-2003 Death toll 600,000

#4 Joseph Stalin:

#4 Joseph Stalin Responsible for millions of deaths some people starved others tortured. Death toll 23 million

#3 Osama Bin laden:

#3 Osama Bin laden Sent planes to attack the twin towers the pentagon but the last plane civilians took control of so it crashed in a field Death toll 4,000

#2 Chairman Mao:

#2 Chairman Mao Millions dead because of him yet china’s population doubled in the time of his rule. Death toll 60 Million

#1 Adolf Hitler:

#1 Adolf Hitler Hitler is known for his hatred for Jews. He sent millions to their death . Death toll 23 million

Thanks for watching:

Thanks for watching Remember luckily they are all dead so let this be a free country.

By: Caidyn & Jasper:

By: Caidyn & Jasper W e made this project to respond to our little reader, Isabelle Allende. She was raised in Chile during a government revolution.

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