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Native American Tribes.:

Native American Tribes. By Mason River And Dylan

The Apaches:

The Apaches The Apaches were considered the strongest warriors in the southwest. Men went hunting and raiding while women gathered food, wood, and water. Sometimes, when they got bored they would make pottery. Men would dress in a black mask, headdresses, body paint, and would carry a wooden sword to protect themselves and others from intruders.

The Cheyenne:

The Cheyenne The Cheyenne were a tribe in the Great Plains. The Cheyenne were hunters, gatherers, and farmers. The Cheyenne practiced something called a “Sun Dance”. The Cheyenne split in to groups the southern Cheyenne and the northern Cheyenne. The Sioux and the Cheyenne were responsible for the Battle of Little Bighorn.

The Sioux :

The Sioux The Sioux is a Native American tribe and are First Nations people. The name Sioux is an abbreviated form of Nadouessioux which is Canadian French. They where is now the North Dakota and South Dakota. The Sioux were Native Americans and First Nations people in North America.


Hidatsa The Hidatsa live by the Devil’s Lake of North Dakota. The smallpox epidemic ended up killing most of the tribe. Then, they teamed up with the Mandan [their neighbors] to become one tribe. After that, they moved further up the Missouri River in 1845. Once they traveled farther they teamed up with the Arikara, another Native American tribe.


Writer Mason [Dietrich] Designer River FX /Researcher Dyl Pickle The End

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