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PowerPoint By: Domanic Fish that migrate


Salmon Salmon migrate to lay their babies. The dads migrate, they migrate when they are baby( they are so cute when they are baby salmon.)

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Did you know that salmon migrate in group (I didn’t know that at all.) That is so cool.

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Salmon have breeding grounds are near the bend over the river. I did not know that at all. Fact 1 Fact 2 Salmon migrate in groups and they come home alone (that is so weird.) Fact 3 Did you know that salmon are hard to catch because they like to swim in the rapids. And when they are in rapids the rapids can tire there skin right off their body. Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

PowerPoint Presentation: watch the movie it is awesome. Websites here is another movie you can watch it is one of my favorite. This one is just for fun to watch. http:// for more information . go to our ponderous pandas glog for more PowerPoint.

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