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Lewis and Clark:

Lewis and Clark By: Nash and Noah


Lewis Lewis was chosen to be the leader of a group to start a journey from St. Louis to Missouri. Lewis picked Clark to come with him in 1804.


Clark When Lewis chose Clark as co-leader Clark was very excited. Clark was very useful to have as a co-leader.

Lewis and Clark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Lewis and Clark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Lewis and Clark were on the trip they became best buds. But they were very serious about there trip and they had to pay very close attention to where they were.

On the trip!:

On the trip! While they were on the trip they came to the great falls of the Missouri river and it was all foggy but Clark had the best eyesight of any crew member. They also went through big valleys and water sources.

About Sacagawea!:

About Sacagawea! Sacagawea joined the expedition and went with them. Sacagawea won the crews admiration while carrying her baby boy on her back. She knows what berries are good to eat and the ones that are not good to eat. She was very helpful to the group.

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