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City In The Cliffs:

City In The Cliffs By: M.J Crozier

By: Camille and Jasmine:

By: Camille and Jasmine

The cliff story:

The cliff story Lomasi hurried to finish her chores to here her grandmother’s story about the house in the cliffs. Her grandmother was in the house of the cliffs before when she was little and she said it was beautiful and you never seen anything like it.

Lomasi and Quaha got lost :

Lomasi and Quaha got lost One day Lomasi and Quaha were picking herbs and the sun went down and they got lose in the desert. Then they try to get back home and they were cold and no blankest. Then they saw the city in the cliffs.

The cliffs at night:

The cliffs at night At night in the desert at the cliffs it gets really cold and one night they stayed there and Lomasi heard a noise and the noise sounded like a snake and then she happened to look at it and it was a snake ( a Bull snake ).

When they return:

When they return When Lomasi and Quaha return to there grandmas there grandma ask where have you been all night and Lomasi and Quaha said” Our ancestors were looking after us”.



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