Sea Turtles

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Sea Turtles Braden, Emily, and Bryleigh!! By: Kathryn Lasky


S tranded Stranded There was a baby sea turtle swimming for three months. It was swimming in cape cod beach. It was washed up stranded on the beach. There was a ten year old boy and his mother they were on patrol on the beach. They were looking for turtles. It was the month of November and December. They were looking for sea turtles that were stunned and cold. They found a sea turtle and they thought it was dead. They went to the nearest phone and called the sea turtle rescue line. They took it to the vet hospital and put it in a water to see if it was alive.

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stunned sea turtles The boy said Got one and he did what the professionals told him. He picked it up. The turtle only weighed about 5 pounds. About an hour later the rescue team arrived and the took the sea turtle to the wildlife santuary. They were watching it and it hasn’t moved for a long time. They thought it was dead because it hasn’t moved for a long time. They took blood from the turtle to see if he was alive and healthy.

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Saving the sea turtles!!! The people at the hotel can no longer swim because there is injured sea turtle in the pool. The pool is for the big sea turtles and the tanks are for the baby sea turtles. Vets and volunteers come to the hospital to work with the sea turtles.

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Releasing the turtles! On the day of the release the tag the sea turtle. The tag is yellow and blue. They named him yellow-blue. They took him to the ocean which has warm water so he would survive. The waters are warm, shallow, and calm. They take yellow-blue to the safest, quietest waters they know.

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FACT # 1 Turtles normally weigh 55-270 kilo grams! The turtle uses it’s back flippers to glide through the ocean.

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FACT # 2 The turtle has no teeth instead it has sharp horny edges on jaw. The female has a short tail while the male tail extends to 20 cm (7.9in) beyond the upper shell.

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FACT # 3 The lower shell or plastron, is cut away from both fore flippers and hind flippers to allow easy movement.

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