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Edmond Masjedi is a lifelong businessman who has traveled all over the world. He believes in sharing his success with others and maintains strong ties in the community by working with various charitable organizations.


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Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills Explains His Business Outlook:

Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills Explains His Business Outlook

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Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills has been working in the field of business from past many years. An experienced professional when it comes to starting new businesses and getting them off the ground, Edmond E Masjedi has launched several products and services over the years.

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He believes in pursuing those businesses that cater to the needs and demands of a consumer segment. To find out what the customer demand is, one needs to conduct in-depth research in the market. He suggests that budding entrepreneurs should research the market as much as they can, but even then they should not take the market response as the last word.

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Through his experiences, he has learned that what the consumers say and what they do are sometimes very different things. To tackle such a lacuna in the business research process, he suggests that entrepreneurs should take a look at the previous successes in the market and then add their own understanding to the process.

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Starting a business is a difficult process, says Edmond E Masjedi , but if one knows the business thoroughly, then there is very less chance of making a mistake. He also suggests that business owners should keep their business plans flexible so that they can make changes at any stage of product or service development.

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Flexibility in business plans can be the saving grace for businesses in the difficult market conditions of today. In all, Edmond Masjedi suggests that budding entrepreneurs should learn to trust their gut, as sometimes that is the best measure of the force of a business idea.

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