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Shannon Kathleen Masjedi has spent many years in the real estate industry. She is also the co-creator and senior vice president of SnoBar. In her free time, she likes riding horses and spending time at the beach. She also likes snow skiing and surfing.


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Shannon Kathleen Masjedi Has Wide Experience in the Real Estate Industry:

Shannon Kathleen Masjedi Has Wide Experience in the Real Estate Industry

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Shannon Kathleen Masjedi has special expertise and experience in the real estate industry. She holds real estate license in both Arizona and California. She has been helping clients with all of their real estate needs for many years. Throughout her career, she has successfully closed various complex real estate deals.

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Shannon Masjedi dedicatedly works on behalf of her clients to help them in meeting their special needs and requirements. Her passion and commitment towards performing her job responsibilities has distinguished herself in this highly competitive real estate industry. Whether clients are looking for buying a property or have commercial project needs, Shannon Kathleen Masjedi can help.

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Her extensive experience and expertise helps clients in completing all types of real estate transactions. Shannon has built beautiful specs homes throughout the Southern California that are available for resale. Location is the cornerstone of deciding about the real estate investment and Southern California is among the fastest growing areas.

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There are many commercial plazas and buildings and these spec homes allow buyers to choose a home for their future occupancy under a great real estate deal. Shannon Kathleen Masjedi keeps herself updated with the latest fluctuations in the real estate market scenario to help her clients in making the most intelligent decisions.

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A successful real estate professional, Shannon Kathleen Masjedi believes in keeping her clients informed about all market changes in their properties. She works with them to reduce the degree of risks and enhance their gains. She is also an avid traveler and has traveled to many countries of the world.

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She has spent quality time all over the world including destinations such as Costa Rica, Portugal, Hong Kong, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Singapore and Bali. Her visit to these places has helped her in understanding different real estate trends in these countries to serve her clients in a better way. When away from work, she likes to ride horses, surf and spend time at the beach. She is also fond of snow skiing.

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