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Edmond Masjedi is a lifelong businessman who has traveled all over the world. He believes in sharing his success with others and maintains strong ties in the community by working with various charitable organizations.


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Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills Explains How to Succeed in the Business World:

Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills Explains How to Succeed in the Business World

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Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills has been a part of the corporate world for the last many years and over the years he has started a large number of businesses in varied fields. All of his business ventures have been a great success and earned huge revenues. He has been applauded for his exceptional success in so many different lines of business.

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He, however, has still remained a humble human being who just believes in following his heart and after leading and guiding all of his companies to success he has handed all of them over to other big names in the business world. Whenever Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills is inspired by a business idea or a plan he goes all out to execute it.

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He plans the business immaculately, initiates the project, puts in his all to make it succeed, sees it through the initial critical phase and gets it on its feet. After a company is comfortably established and has become a success and Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills feels that it can run on its own now, he moves on to the next project.

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He attributes his success to always being true to himself and viewing business as a way to express his inherent creativity. Explaining how to success in the business world, Edmond E Masjedi says that proper planning before entering any field of business is extremely important for its success.

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One should always already have the complete detail on paper and a clear vision in mind about what one is about to create on the ground. According to him along with hard work, sincerity and dedication, passion is also important for success.

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