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Edmond Masjedi Los Angeles is a businessman and a traveler. He has traveled to different parts of the world and also found great success in business world by creating and selling different businesses.


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Edmond Masjedi, Los Angeles has Traveled All Over the World:

Edmond Masjedi, Los Angeles has Traveled All Over the World

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Edmond Masjedi , Los Angeles is a businessman and a traveling enthusiast. He has traveled all over the world and visited many countries where he learned about different cultures and customs. He also speaks multiple languages and he has great interest in different kinds of cuisine too.

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As a traveler, he believes that every culture in the world has something unique to offer and one must visit every new country with an open and receptive mind. Learning about different cultures, customs and ways of life can make a person humble and give them a broader frame of mind with which to view the world.

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For would-be travelers, Edmond Masjedi , Los Angeles suggests to travel freely and without making too much plans. He believes in the philosophy that traveling is not about reaching a destination but about enjoying the journey that takes one there.

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Edmond feels that people spend too much time worrying about arrangements while traveling and in that rush, they forget to enjoy their time in a new place and culture. As a food enthusiast, he suggests that travelers should always try the dishes that a country is famous for.

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He has visited many countries and enjoyed tasting the varied cuisine completely. When he likes a dish he has tasted in a country, he makes it a point to find its recipe and try cooking it himself. He loves to experiment with his cooking and considers it a blessing that he is able to cook for his friends and family. Edmond often invites his close friends over and treats them to cuisine from different countries.

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A responsible member of society, Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills gives his time to various community efforts and helps out whenever he can. Whether it is community celebrations or arranging for some community event to help the poor, he is always there to give his time and efforts towards making the community a better place.

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Edmond Masjedi is also involved with charities like Penny Lane Foundation and St. Jude for Kids along with several other reputed charities. He considers himself a lifelong learner and he aims to learn all he can from all his travels. He feels that his experiences from traveling have helped him in becoming a better human being.

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