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SST: Student Study Team : 

SST: Student Study Team The who, what, when , where, when, why and how of an SST. Presented by Ahmire McKoy

“WHAT” is a Student Study Team : 

“WHAT” is a Student Study Team The Student Study Team (SST) is the school site committee which reviews concerns about individual students. The SST serves as a general education problem-solving process and is a forum to support classroom teachers in their efforts to provide quality classroom experience for all of their students.

The “WHY” of an SST: Why to refer a student. : 

1. Poor academic performance 2. Poor school attendance 3. Behavioral problems 4. Health and/or developmental issues 5. Significant change(s) in performance or behavior 6. Home/family problems 7. Speech and language concerns 8. Possible GATE eligibility 9. Promotion/retention recommendations 10. Parental requests The “WHY” of an SST: Why to refer a student.

The “WHO” of an SST : 

The “WHO” of an SST Essential Participants: Administrator Person Making Referral General Education Faculty Recorder Parent/Guardian Student Optional Support Staff: Special Education Teacher(s) School Counselor School Psychologist School Nurse Speech Therapist Behavioral Specialist Interpreter Others as needed

The “HOW“ of an SST: The SST Process : 

The “HOW“ of an SST: The SST Process

The “WHEN” of an SST: What happens when at an SST meeting : 

The “WHEN” of an SST: What happens when at an SST meeting 1. The purpose of the SST is stated - the counselor or administrator reports on the student’s progress and/or general concerns.   2. Student information such as parent and/or teacher reports is discussed by all group members.   3. Each team member is asked to discuss the student’s strengths and challenges with the team. Student is expected to respond to the comments.   4. The counselor or administrator summarizes the team’s input (parent, teachers, counselor, and administrator) and facilitates an action plan of intervention.   5. Action plan is devised and recorded. All participants agree on plan and receive a copy of the notes. 6. A plan for follow up should be discussed and set.

Example of SST Checklist : 

Example of SST Checklist

“WHEN” continued…. Check List : 

“WHEN” continued…. Check List Who attended the meeting. Is the meeting on time Is everyone's role identified Are all the correct forms used Why are we here- Areas of concern Caregivers input was sought Students input sought Is everyone able to brainstorm An action plan is developed SST Follow-up meeting is scheduled

Example of Interventions : 

Example of Interventions

The “WHERE” of an SST: Where do we go from here : 

The “WHERE” of an SST: Where do we go from here Follow up meeting Evaluation of current plan See if certain goals were met If plan is not working, discuss modification

The END! : 

The END!

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