what is illusion mage & what will it do for you?


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What is illusion Mage? What Will illusion Mage Do For You? Does This 3D Animation Software Suitable For Newbies? http://www.illusionmages.net/


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What Is illusion Mage? - Part 1 Illusion Mage was developed by a 3D aficionado named Seth Avery, it is actually a 3D animation software program which provides lots of the features of major 3D custom modeling rendering programs. It employed by a lot of animation studios and common home users as well with a low cost(Only for $47). Most of this kind of 3D software will cost you more than $2,500! Seth has experienced a profession being a creative director. Because of his very good life, he wished to requite. He developed a 3D computer software which was as effective as the programs the experts used, but low-priced that everyone can get one.

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What Is illusion Mage? - Part 2 As you know, It is really a complicated process to learn how to make your own 3D animation. The majority of 3D software available is difficult to operate. The developer of Illusion Mage was conscious of this, and the primary purpose would be to develop a software which was user-friendly and uncomplicated and generated good results. Now by using illusion mage, you are able to make high quality looking 3D animated graphics, 3D models and game graphics. There is no need to spend a long time to finish a project either.

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What Will illusion Mage Do For You? - Part 1 It is simple to use and contains lots of features. The interface of the software is clean as well as simple to get used to. It will be easy for you to build your own 3D games, graphics and pure scenery and environments. More professional tools included which will assist you to make advanced shading, rigging, and improved modeling.

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What Will illusion Mage Do For You? - Part 2 If you are a newbie, do not worry. 6-hrs video coaching plus a 200 pages guide book come with this software. You will possibly not understand this, however, that is an excellent training course worth of components on 3D animation there. You will learn the skills to operate the software, And you will also learn techniques on how to turn into a 3D animator. http://www.illusionmages.net/

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