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If You Want To Copy & Backup & Restore SMS For Your Android Cell Phone, You Can Try To Use VeryAndroid.


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VeryAndroid The Best Android Cell Phone SMS Backup Software I installed and used many SMS backup & restore applications on my HTC G6 cell phone, But now only one I keep in my phone, it names VeryAndroid SMS Backup . I believe it is the first intelligent android sms backup software , which could copy & backup sms text messages from your android smartphone to PC, and as well can easily restore the backup files of SMS to any android phone.

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VeryAndroid Everyone wants to make their android SMS secure and manages their sms messages without difficulty. By using VeryAndroid SMS Backup, you ll be able to backup all SMS in your android cell phone to PC automatically and save it as txt or CSV file format as you like. Additionally, it also provides you the shortcut to restore your other mobile phones sms backup CSV files to your new android smartphone straight. You will not lose valuable sms messages ever again.

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VeryAndroid I think all android cell phone users should have this great sms backup software, However, You may ask: Why should I select and use VeryAndroid SMS Backup? , Read on these great features: * Copy and backup text messages from android phone to pc as TXT or CSV files, and restore sms backup CSV files to any android phone at any time. * Transfer other phones sms to android phones. Do you want to transfer SMS from iPhone to your android phone? That s simple by VeryAndroid SMS Backup, it doesn t matter from google android or other OS cell phones.

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VeryAndroid * You can easily read all your sms on your pc in threading mode through the software s pc tool. The PC tool is user-friendly and you can use it to search SMS by keyword quickly. * 100% risk-free to download and simple to install or uninstall. * User-friendly and uncomplicated. * Free and fast support services.

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