what is jailbreak and unlock iphone?


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What is Jailbreak iPhone and Unlock iPhone? And Why Would You Jailbreak or Unlock an iPhone? http://www.howtojailbreakaniphone.net/


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What is Jailbreak iPhone? Jailbreaking means using special software or methods to open up your iPhone or iPad so that you can install 3rd-party or unapproved applications. In normal words, it means to get tweaks and applications which Apple would not approve in the App Store. Don not worry, iPhone jailbreaking is 100% legal.

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Why jailbreak? After you jail broke your iphone, You can obtain instant access to a third party App Store and download free ringtones, backgrounds, themes, wallpapers, utilities, toys, games, program…They are all free!

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What is Unlock iPhone? Unlocking means a hack that permits you to make your iPhone work with some other mobile services.

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Why Unlock? Verizon, AT&T and lots of other network service providers lock the iphones so these iphones will only utilize their branded SIM card. If you try to use a different SIM card in your locked iphone, you will get an error message just like SIM Card Not Accepted . Unlock an iphone makes it possible for you to use any SIM card associated with any mobile phone network. http://www.howtojailbreakaniphone.net/

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