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INTRAVENOUS cannula http://www.ivcannula.com/cannula-with-wings-with-port.htm l PUNEET DHAWAN

Advantage of iv cannula:

Advantage of iv cannula Easy access to rapid administration of solutions Continuous or intermittent administration of nutrients Rapid changes in circulatory system East to monitor delivery of fluids, electrolytes and nutrients ( for those with impaired  GI tracts.)

Indications for iv cannula :

Indications for iv cannula Intravenous fluids. Limited parenteral nutrition. Blood and blood products. Drug administration (continuous or intermittent). Prophylactic use before procedures. Prophylactic use in unstable patients. Surgery Blood samples CPR

Equipment for when using iv cannula:

Equipment for when using iv cannula Alcohol cleanser. Gloves. An alcohol wipe. A disposable tourniquet. An IV cannula. A suitable plaster. A syringe. Saline. A clinical waste bin.

procedure of using the iv cannula:

procedure of using the iv cannula Sanitise your hands using alcohol cleanser. Position the arm so that it is comfortable for the patient and identify a vein. Apply the tourniquet and re-check the vein. Put on your gloves, clean the patient’s skin with the alcohol wipe and let it dry. Remove the cannula from its packaging and remove the needle cover ensuring not to touch the needle. Stretch the skin distally and inform the patient that they should expect a sharp scratch. insert the needle, bevel upwards at about 30 degrees. Advance the needle until a flashback of blood is seen in the hub at the back of the cannula Once the flashback of blood is seen, progress the entire cannula a further 2mm, then fix the needle, advancing the rest of the cannula into the vein.

Images of iv cannula :

Images of iv cannula

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