The Empire Formula - Anik Singal

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The Empire Formula - Anik Singal : 

The Empire Formula - Anik Singal

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Anik Singal is an Indian-born American. Prior to becoming a full time productive net and affiliate marketer, Anik was in fact a pretty very good tennis player. After pursing a tennis career for a short time, Anik decided to turn out to be a physician and began pre-med school The Empire Formula.Anik soon figured out that medicine is not where he truly desires to be and so he dropped out and instantly joined business enterprise school. That was the hardest and turned out be, the very best selection Anik created by The Empire Formula Bonus.Nowadays Anik Singal is really a incredibly effective and very respected net marketer. In 2005 Anik founded the Affiliate Classroom, an on the net coaching center for all of the aspiring world wide web and affiliate marketers out there. Anik is sharing his huge affiliate marketing knowledge and expertise with students in his Affiliate Classroom. Anik by no means stops studying and he's constantly on the lookout for new marketing techniques and tactics so he constantly supply distinctive content inside his training course of The Empire Formulas Bonus.Becoming a super affiliate, it's extremely frequent to see Anik's name in the best of product launches leader boards. Just a couple of weeks ago Anik grabbed the top rated affiliate spot in Ritoban C's incredibly effective and profitable item launch of Profit Instruments. So you may be certain Anik knows what he's talking about and very much may be discovered from him. In 2008, Anik was amongst BusinessWeek's Best 25 Greatest Young Entrepreneurs in the US.

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