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Guy Fawkes : 

Guy Fawkes

What is Guy Fawkes’ Night? : 

What is Guy Fawkes’ Night? Guy Fawkes is a tradition in the UK . It’s celebrated on 5 November The guy is a “doll” that is burned in the bonfires.

Why is it celebrated? : 

Why is it celebrated? After Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603, English Catholics wanted religious freedom and hoped James I would be more tolerant of their religion. But King James was not tolerant and he killed many Catholics. A group of Catholics, among them Guy Fawkes decided to fight back and tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament with gunpowder.

Traditions - food : 

Traditions - food People eat potatoes wrapped in foil and roasted in the bonfires that also heats soup . People also roast sausages and marshmallows in the bonfires By Rui e Daniela M, 8ºC

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