Final project English - Level 3 - Urbe N311

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Final project English - Level 3 - Urbe N311


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ABOUT ME… Hi, My name is Carlos Rivera. I´m twenty-three years old and my birthday is on July 19th. I was born on Maracaibo and actually I live there but I lived in other cities like La coruña, Lugo and Madrid in Spain and Miami at the USA. I have two brothers. I'm from computer engineering school at University Rafael Belloso Chacín better known as (URBE). I like EVERYTHING that have to do with the computers, videogames and music.. I love to programming. I want to graduate and start my own business, get marry and have a good family in the future. English? I can read it and write it more than i can speak it, because I learned English reading and singing, as we can know, the public education here is not efficient at all. I'm not an English expert but i have a good level, at least I can make an order in a restaurant to survive (Lot of laughs). Well, I don't have anymore to say, so, remember, it's just for fun. I hope you have passed a good time.

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REFLECTION… Today i'm finishing another level of my favorite matter, of course, i'm talking of English. I learned a lot of things in vocabulary. I had a great teacher like Doris to make this possible. I never had used tools like a blog to do homeworks, so, that was new for me, but it was great. Also, Doris didn't made the classes boring. That helps to make a Good class of a class. Good class, good classmates, good tools, about English III I only have good things to say...

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VACATIONS ON BASEBALL… Worldwide, Venezuela is known like an exporter of great baseball players. We have one of the most competitive baseball leagues of South America and, why not, of the world. Our league is known like one of the «Winter leagues», because it’s played on the USA winter. But, let’s talk a little about the vacations of a Venezuelan Baseball player… The LVBP (Liga Venezolana de Beisbol Profesional) is played between October and February, so, if they don’t have to play at MLB in USA, they have the rest of the year for personal enjoyment and ussually goes to the United States to practice with another team. But a baseball player really love his work and only want to play the greater number of games to be the best and arrive to USA to play at MLB.

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Let’s Know a few things about baseball… The LVBP is composed by 8 teams and our local team is «Las Aguilas del Zulia». They have his own baseball stadium called «Luis Aparicio » and known as «El grande de Maracaibo». Usually, the begin of our team is not good. But almost always classified to the final round, known as «Round Robin». The life of a Venezuelan baseball player during the season it’s complicated, because they have to travel around all Venezuela to play games with the other teams. ALL ABOUT BASEBALL…

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