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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? :

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? By Oliver Dyer


Introduction When creating all three of my products I considered how I could make them recognisable and ultimately consistent. I did this because I wanted my target audience to be able to recognise that they were all linked together. By doing so, this would help my target audience to remember all of my products and especially my documentary. I wanted them to be able to look at my ancillary products and ultimately think of the documentary straight away, therefore ensuring that they would watch it.

Title and font:

Title and font Overall I felt that the combination of all three of my products were effective; this was down to many features that I included. By including these it, in turn, improved the iconography of my products as they were more relatable for my target audience. For example, I included many features which were similar throughout all of my products, such as the font. The font was the same on all of my products; I used the font ’28 days later.’ I felt that this was perhaps one of the most important features for me to include. This was because my target audience would now only have to look at the font and automatically associate it with my documentary; it ultimately helps link the three of my products together visually. The newspaper advert and TV listing were unique however, as they both had a white box around the title. I did this in order for it to stand out more and ultimately make it more recognisable. Despite this I chose not to have a white box around the font in my documentary as it already stood out enough.

Title and font examples:

Title and font examples The same font is used on my TV listing double page spread. The same font is used on my Newspaper advert. The same font is also used but is in white do make it stand out more and also has no white box around it.

Presenter :

Presenter I also felt that the combination of all three of my products were effective as not only were they relatable because of the font but also because of the use of the presenter throughout. I decided to put Alex in/on all three of the products as by visually looking at them, my target audience would automatically connote a sense of familiarity with my products. For example, on my Newspaper advert Alex was looking admiringly towards an attraction which would appeal to many a young person. By making this pose it was connoting a sense of admiration; it also shows my target audience what the documentary is about. This was similar to double page TV listing as the main image connoted a sense of superiority; it showed my audience that Alex was in fact the 'main man' when it came to being on screen in the documentary, as he presented it. This ultimately related back to my documentary as Alex is a predominant figure in it. By including him in/on all three, it ultimately symbolised a sense of relatability .

Presenter examples:

Presenter examples Presenter used on/in all products. Here he is used on my TV listing. Presenter is again used on Newspaper advert. Presenter is also used in documentary, creating a sense of familiarity for my target audience.

Scheduling :

Scheduling The combination of my products were also effective as viewing information was evident on all three of my products. Viewing information was more evident on my two ancillary tasks as they were advertising the documentary. I did however, include a Channel Four introduction on the opening of my documentary as this added to the realism of my product and also informed my audience what channel the program was being broadcast on. I included the Channel Four Logo on my Newspaper advert to , again, inform my target audience of the broadcast channel and also that they knew it was a Channel Four product. I also included the day and time of broadcast on my Newspaper advert and TV listing double page spread to, again, inform my audience of when the program was being broadcast. I also did this so that it fortified the fact that both were advertising the same thing, ultimately connoting a sense of familiarity for my target audience.

Scheduling examples:

Scheduling examples Here, scheduling is used on my TV listing to inform the audience of broadcast date. This is done by using the day, date, time, and channel. Below is the Channel Four intro I used on the introduction of my documentary. Here I have used both the Channel Four logo and scheduling to inform and create relatability .


Images As well as including the main image of the presenter, I also included ‘snippets’ of some of the documentary on my TV listing double page spread. By doing so I felt that I was advertising the documentary as well as creating a sense of familiarity. My target audience would see the images and therefore know what is to come of my documentary, ultimately persuading them to watch it. Here, in the top left and bottom right corners of my TV listing, are images that are also evident in my documentary.


Motto Both of my ancillary tasks also had the motto of ‘Youth! Make the Wight choice!’ I included this as I felt that this motto was one which was memorable. I thought of this and included it as by being memorable it would ultimately make my target audience remember it and would also perhaps get them talking to other people about it. By doing so this would mean that more people would watch the documentary, therefore increasing the viewing figures. This also made my products more relatable as by having it on both Newspaper and TV listing, my target audience could clearly see that they were related. Motto is evident on Newspaper advert (left) and TV listing (right).

Colour scheme and picture:

Colour scheme and picture On both ancillary tasks, as well as the documentary, I have included Ryde Pier. This is evident throughout each of my three products as I felt that it is ultimately creating a consistency with the colour and location for my target audience. They would know that all three link together as they can visually see the pier in all of my products. I originally picked the pier as a location as I felt that it showed the Island in an attractive light. Overall, by including the pier in all three, it is creating a colour scheme which I believe visually links my 3 products together successfully. Image from Newspaper advert (on right) is taken on the pier. Image from TV listing (on right) is also taken on the pier. Image from documentary (on left) is captured on the pier as well.

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