Local SEO - Understanding the Basics for Your Local Business

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If you own and run a local business it is very important for you to understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO. As a local business you can increase your visibility online to your trget customer by implementing some simple SEO strategies. To find out more about how Locaal Business Marketing can benefit your business visit www.themarketingqueenbee.co.uk


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Local SEO - Understanding the Basics for Your Local Business Over the past few years SEO Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most popular methods of online marketing. This is the process of optimising your web content to make sure search engines are finding your website and listing your local business information for web searchers. One of the first and most important rules of SEO that all businesses should be aware of is that there is a difference between getting website traffic and getting the right website traffic. Any person surfing the internet can

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stumble upon your website but in order to turn more web surfers into customers you need to get the right type of local customer to your site. The internet is a massive place and if you want to make sure you are not only reaching customers but reaching customers in your local area you have to implement a ‘local SEO’ strategy. After all an SEO campaign that attracts customers in Ealing to a local business located in Ilford is not using SEO as effectively as possible. The logic behind this approach is actually quite simple. First you should work out what type of keywords your target audience would type into the search engine to find your business. Next you have to develop the right keywords to target the actual location of your business. Targeting a local market with keywords consists of adding your local area to the front or back of your target keyword. For example instead of using the SEO keyword phrase “child dentist” you can use the phrase “Hackney child dentist.” This way you will only have to compete with other children’s dentists in your vicinity instead of every other child dentist from around the world.

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This is why developing the right local keyword phrases is so important. Keep in mind if you are want to attract customers in a large area like London with multiple boroughs you should also use the locations of the individual boroughs you want to target in your optimisation efforts. There is more to a local SEO campaign than creating the right keyword phrases. If you oversaturate your online content with keywords Google and most of the other search engines will flag your website as spam so keep the overall repetition of these keywords to a low 3-4 of your overall content. When creating local SEO content it is also important that you add your keywords in a natural sounding way. Not only does this look better to the search engines but it also looks better to your potential customers who will be reading this content. Although Google is the top search engine it’s not the only search engine. Therefore be sure to put efforts into developing a strong presence on other top search engines such as Yahoo and Bing as well. If you need help with optimising your web presence to attract your Local customer you can contact me here for a complimentary Mini Local SEO Audit.

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