Auto Manufacturers Invest in a Carless Future

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Auto manufacturers invest in a carless future. Ford is one of many companies investing in electric scooters.


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Consider the following situation – the closest parking spot to the concert amphitheater is a mile-long walk. Instead of circling the block, wasting time and gas, or using a Lime or Bird app to locate the nearest scooter, perhaps you’d rather dismount a fully charged electric scooter or bike from the trunk or front car door and make it to the concert on time. Auto manufacturers remain a proponent of autonomy and ownership, even if what they’re manufacturing are varieties of electric scooters and bikes.

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Ford has had an interest in electric bikes since 2015 when it collaborated with Dahon to release the MoDe: Me e-bike, which was designed to fold into a trunk. But Business Insider calls the Ford Super Cruiser the carmaker’s official e-bike, selling for $3,695. The e-bike is lower-tech than other models, with no LCD display or Bluetooth connection, but can reach 20 mph and has a range of 15 to 30 miles when fully charged. White also wrote in the article.

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Ford is only one of many major automakers companies investing in electric scooters. It seems like the largest car makers are preparing for a carless future. To read the full story - Click Here Source and credits: / Corrie White / and, iTrucker / Mario Pawlowski

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