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ARKA Management Company :

ARKA Management Company Disclaimer: all information in this document is current as of the date this document is issued. Such information, however, is subject to change without prior notice. You should not alter, modify, copy, or otherwise misappropriate this document in whole, or in part. Astana, February 2012

Company Profile:

Company Profile ARKA Management Company was created in 1992 and has solo ownership structure ; ARKA owns and operates four restaurants, three cafes, and one alpine resort complex (resort hotel); Depending on the season, the Company employs 450 - 700 people; Since its inception , ARKA has established iteself as a major brand name in the Astana hospitality sector; Clients loyalty equals 85 % Primary business areas : Hospitality industry including restaurant, hotel, cafe and outdoor activity resort. Quality Construction and E ngineering services provided through third party partner companies – including City Hotel and Complex “ Orynbor, 16 ”.

Company Business Structure :

Company Business Structure Future projects are marked in RED

Restaurant Concept :

Restaurant Concept Farhi Restaurant was the first F&B project of the ARKA Company. It was opened in 1999, and became one of the industry pioneers in the newly established capital of Kazakhstan. Created in a traditional manner, this restaurant represents the interior of a Kazakh national yurt. A key theme of the Farhi Restaurant is its authentic Kazakh cuisine. Many ancient recipes have found a new interpretation in the hands of Farhi master chefs. Prime riverside location at the heart of Astana’s Old city provides high occupancy for the restaurant. Excellent food quality results in a high level of customer loyalty.

Summer Cafe Concept :

Summer Cafe Concept Summer cafe “ Ali Baba ” was opened in 2002. The fairytale name of this café became famous due to tasty and delicious food, express service, moderate pricing policy and overall relaxing atmosphere; The café is still the largest of its kind in the city – it accommodates up to 500 guests; Ali Baba specializes in Eastern dishes, refined and unique. A combination of spices and aromas always draws and pleases our guests. Accompanied by music of the same theme, the dining experience becomes a true journey to the East.

Restaurant Concept :

Restaurant Concept Satti Restaurant was opened in 2005, in the year that the Left bank of the City was extensively developed. It has a prime location on the Main Boulevard between the Presidential Palace and Khan Shatyr Shopping Center. Key neighbors of Satti include state ministries and national companies as well as financial and consulting institutions; High quality food, authentic Kazakh cuisine mixed with European dishes, Italian specialties, and the only ethnic entertainment show program in town make this restaurant a real Astana Landmark; Satti became a “number one choice” for presenting Kazakh culture through food and dining traditions. During the summer period the restaurant opens its summer roof terrace.

Japanese Restaurant :

Japanese Restaurant Izumi Tay Japanese Restaurant was opened in 2005 , becoming the first genuine Japanese restaurant in Astana; It is adjacent to the Satti Restaurant Complex, which makes it highly popular amongst Satti visitors; Guests visiting Izumi Tay enjoy the wide assortment of Japanese cuisine and signature dishes from the Master Chef; Interior design of this small restaurant reflects a typical Japanese home. Well-trained personnel turn a dining experience into true pleasure.

Summer Café :

Summer Café In 2011, following the success of Satti Summer terrace and high popularity of Ali Baba summer café, we created a new brand name “ZhaStar”; The target audience of this new chain is customers who are willing to pay for outside dining provided by high quality food, satisfactory service and a moderate pricing policy; Demand for ZhaStar in residential areas was extremely high during the last summer season. In the future, we intend to open a few more locations to further strengthen the market presence of the ZhaStar chain.

ZhaStar in Akkol :

ZhaStar in Akkol In SharZhum, we operate ZhaStar Café to serve our guests who are spending time in the outside recreation zones; The main idea of this café is to serve fresh food as a buffet service; It is similar to “ Grab’n’Go ” concept; ZhaStar is both a perfect rest area to warm up after outdoor activities in Winter and a cool oasis to cool down in the summer; The café is popular amongst visitors of SharZhum who come for daytime recreation activities.

Resort Center in Akkol :

Resort Center in Akkol Resort Center SharZhum is located in Akkol Destrict , 100 km away from Astana; This boutique hotel was built in 2007 and became an upscale luxury resort in pine forest surroundings; The hotel offers 19 rooms, two cottages, SharZhum Restaurant, one private dining room, fully functional SPA with sauna and Hammam , outside recreation zone for winter and summer seasons, conference facility for business meetings, private billiards room, underground bar and discotheque; For meditation purposes we built the Pyramid. It is a perfect spot to relax and find inner peace and harmony.

Exclusive Cottages :

Exclusive Cottages For exclusive accommodation, SharZhum offers two alpine style cottages, located within the walking distance from the main building; The cottage has two floors, and has double entrances with open terraces on both floors; The inside of each cottage has two compartments that can be rented separately. Each side accommodates up to six tenants; Equipped with fully-functional kitchen, signature fireplace, big dining area, master bedroom with luxury bathtub, and one room for assistant personnel, located on the first floor; Personal service from the main hotel;, private check in/out procedures and separate parking zone are provided for cottage guests.

Winter in SharZhum :

Winter in SharZhum Winter recreation zone of SharZhum is available for cross-country skiing, ice skating, sledging; In January 2012, SharZhum hosted the Ski Veterans Open Cup amongst star veterans of Kazakhstan with 9 age groups of male and female competitors. Trails are 10 and 5 km, with a ski track of 1.6 km. The Ski stadium is equipped with technology that complies with international standards. To promote healthy lifestyle, we opened the SharZhum Ski School.

Summer in SharZhum :

Summer in SharZhum In summer, SharZhum is a popular destination for outside wedding ceremonies, private parties on our terrace, and romantic getaways during weekends; Summer sports: basketball and volleyball courts, mountain biking, forest camping, roller-skating, swimming pool, outside Jacuzzi, fishing pond; In 2012, we plan to launch an open air lounge bar, eco library, sunset yoga classes, and wood crafting studio for our guests.

Business in SharZhum :

Business in SharZhum For corporate clients as well as group bookings, we offer spacious conference room to fit up to 50 guests; The conference hall is equipped with latest audio and video enhancement system; SharZhum offers special business package to attract corporate clients during weekdays; Outside team building sessions are organized on the territory of SharZhum all year around; The conference hall is adaptive – it may change to an underground lounge bar with discotheque atmosphere.

Construction & Engineering Services :

Construction & Engineering Services ARKA construction professionals provide continuity between preconstruction and construction, so that decisions made during project planning are accurately implemented in the field; Pre-construction services are tailored to the project’s needs, and include feasibility reviews, phasing plans, scheduling, budgets, cost control and estimating; ARKA is strong in Cost Management, Time Management, Quality and Safety Management, and overall Contract Administration.

Future Project – Orynbor, 16:

Future Project – Orynbor, 16 Five star boutique hotel, shopping mall, office tower Address : 16, Orynbor street, Esil district, Astana, Kazakhstan Project concept: Multifunctional building for Astana residents’ convenience - Hypermarket, Retail, Restaurants, SPA and swimming pool, Hotel, Offices, and Serviced apartments. Location: City Downtown, business district Gross Floor Area/GFA (excluding parking) - 37000 sqm Status of construction : concept stage. Estimated period of completion : 24 months

Landmark buildings/projects:

Sary-Arka Trade & Entertainment Centre Public Park Abu-Dhabi Plaza Beijing Plaza Business Centre & Hotel 16, Orynbor The President Residence Bayterek Duman Entertainment Centre & Hotel Mega Centre Astana Trade & Entertainment Centre KMG Int`l Trade Centre Diplomat Hotel Ministries The Pyramid & Congress Hall Road to Airport restaurants 16, Orynbor Major projects for development Ritz Carlton Hotel Landmark buildings/projects Shopping malls Other landmarks

Future projects – Beer Restaurant:

Future projects – Beer Restaurant Beer Restaurant – to start construction in mid 2012; Main concept: restaurant with brewery under own beer brand. Located in residential neighborhood, open for lunch and dinner, moderate pricing policy, good service and high quality pub menu. Will include an outdoor terrace for the summer season. The restaurant will have separate play room with American Pool tables; will cater for private party reservations; Beer Restaurant will be adjacent to Arka supermarket.

Future projects – Supermarket and Gastronomy :

Future projects – Supermarket and Gastronomy Over the years, ARKA had established a strong brand name due to high quality of food. Customer loyalty remains high due to uncompromising high food quality; Having this success, in 2013 we plan to open a retail supermarket for grocery and household items. Within the store, we plan to launch ARKA gastronomy to sell meat and poultry products, and will offer a bakery. The Beer Restaurant will be a part of our new retail complex.

Future projects – Michurin Park and Leisure :

Future projects – Michurin Park and Leisure In 2014-2015, we plan to launch a luxury leisure park; The prospective land for this project is on riverside and located in an upscale residential area; Our initial plans for this project include a summer time recreation zone with a big swimming pool, boat station, and open fields to play various games during the day; For a stylish nightlife, we plan to open a lounge bar with an open air terrace, and an inside dance floor.

Future projects – Campus Inn :

Future projects – Campus Inn In 2014-2015, we plan to build Campus Inn – restaurant and accommodation complex for students of the Nazarbayev University, one of the leading higher institutions of Kazakhstan; The land for this project is located in walking distance from the University. Therefore, it is a perfect spot to have the Campus Inn; Students, their families and friends, academic staff as well as visitors can stay at Campus Inn and enjoy affordable rates for accommodation, liberal café and coffee shops, entertainment zone and small conference facilities.

Contact Info :

Contact Info For investment opportunities and other enquiries please contact our office: e-mail: phone: +7 7172 22 95 23 fax: +7 7172 22 95 39

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