Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP)

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CPP and CPPM are two successive certification programs which equip pupils with to apply the latest purchasing practices in their firm. The CPP is the basic course and the CPPM is the advanced level.

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The CPP program provides purchasing-related credentials and skillsets. It is for any professional working in the field of purchasing. The CPPM fine-tunes their purchasing skills and gives them an insight of the challenges in the industry. It is for those purchasing professionals who aim to become purchasing managers. It includes many case studies complex problem solving etc. It is manadatory that a candidate applying for CPPM certification is already CPP certified.

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Benefits of CPP and CPPM Certifications •Candidates gain good understanding and knowledge in purchasing. •They acquire necessary purchasing skills. •They are presented with numerous job opportunities from other organizations. •They gain promotion opportunities within their organization. •With promotion they earn better wages. •They become their firm’s useful assests. •They are highly esteemed by their peers and employees.

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