3 Web Development Trends To Avoid In 2019

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If you have touched the border of your proficiency, don’t make the blunder of trying to wing it. Your site is usually the 1st medium to interact with your users, so it not wise to bet on its functionality. Feel free to talk with an expert web developer in Malaysia.


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https://www.itech47.com/cms-development.php 3 Web Development Trends To Avoid In 2019

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The World Wide Web is no more crammed with plain, still web pages. Improvements in technology & website development let users to make meaningful, interactive, and dynamic sites. While there’re hundreds of references to help you innovatively develop your site, not many resources will tell you what not to do. Believe it or not, one important aspect of web development, particularly in 2019, is not jumping onto each trend you come across. Here’re a few things to keep in mind. Stop designing for desktop exclusively: Too many web developers in Malaysia get tunnel vision when it’s about designing for users. The mainstream of web traffic occurs on mobile gadgets, and web developers are getting huge success with responsive web design. When web development started for mobile platforms, so many companies ran 2 iterations of their sites: one for desktop & laptop surfing with a full-size monitor and another for mobile gadgets. Today that smartphones have developed into portable computers & multimedia gadgets, it’s much easier to develop site & contents customized to smartphone holders.

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Steer clear of authentications without authorization: Authentication & authorization are 2 different things in web development; authentication denotes to confirming the identity of a user whereas authorization denotes to what access the acknowledged user has. For instance, a site may host login credentials for 10 users, but 4 of those 10 users have administrator access to the website. Authentication examines every user’s login credentials, and the authorization settings for every user determine the users’ levels of access to the site & administrator tools. Never consider authentications & authorization as identical; they may be 2 sides of the same coin in regards of site access, but they stand for very different things. Assuring solid processes & coding for both is the best protection you can take against any malicious threats to your site. Read Continue

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