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How to remove drm form epub:

How to remove drm form epub EPUB (short for electronic publication; alternatively capitalized as ePub, ePUB, EPub, or epub, with "EPUB" preferred by the vendor) is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Files have the extension .epub.

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EPUB became an official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) in September 2007, superseding the older Open eBook standard. EPUB is designed for reflowable content, meaning that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device used by the reader of the EPUB-formatted book. The format is meant to function as a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house, as well as for distribution and sale.

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This guide below will teach you how to remove DRM from ePub with ePub DRM Removal. Follow the steps below to remove ePub DRM step by step. Download the needed ePub DRM removal via the following button:

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Preparations: Please note, to make the iPubsoft ePub DRM removal run normally, you need to install the Adobe Digital Editions first. Download it here:

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Step 1: Run ePub DRM Removal . Then click "Input..." to add the ePub file which you want to remove DRM from.

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Step 2 : Click "Output..." to select a folder to save the decrypted ePub file. Step 3 : After selecting the input file and output folder, click "Remove DRM" button to start removing DRM from ePub files.

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After removing, a window will pop up to tell you that the file is decrypted successfully. If a window of "File decrypted failed" appears, it means that you have no the right to remove DRM from the input ePub file. And if a window of "Not a DRM file" appears, it means that the input ePub file have no DRM protection.

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Step 4 : Once the ePub DRM removal done, you can click "Open Output Folder" button to open the output folder. After you remove DRM from ePub file, you can read ePub books on any portable eBook readers, such as iPad/iPad 2/iPad 3, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony Reader, Kobo, Nook, Mobipocket, and so on!

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