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Francis turbines:

Francis turbines

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Presentation by : 1-Isaac Hassan Mohammed Gais (91-2009) 2-Abd Al-razzak Yahya Abdllah Alkfili (349-2011) Under observation doctor engineering: Hamood Al-Nhary


Introduction The Francis turbine is a type of water turbine that was developed by James B. Francis in Lowell, Massachusetts . It is an inward-flow reaction turbine that combines radial and axial flow concepts.

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X blade runner Traditional runner Types of Blade in Francis Turbine :

Characteristics of Francis Turbine :

Characteristics of Francis Turbine They operate in a water head from 10 to 650 meters (33 to 2,133 feet ). The turbine powered generator power output generally ranges from 10 to 750  megawatts. Penstock (input pipes) diameters are between 1 and 10 meters (3 and 33 feet ). The speed range of the turbine is from 83 to 1000 rpm. Video1

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2-Spiral Casing: It constitutes a closed passage whose cross-sectional area gradually decreases along the flow direction; area is maximum at inlet and nearly zero at exit. The main parts of a F rancis turbine video2 1-Penstock : It is large size conduit which conveys water from the upstream of the dam/reservoir to the turbine runner.

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Video3 3-Guide Vanes : These vanes direct the water on to the runner at an angle appropriate to the design, the motion of them is given by means of hand wheel or by a governor. 4-GOVERNING MECHANISM: It changes the position of the guide blades to effect a variation in water floe rate , when the load conditions on the turbine change.

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5-Draft Tube : It is gradually expanding tube which discharges water, passing through the runner to the tail race. 6-Runner and Runner Blades: The driving force on the runner is both due to impulse and reaction effect. The number of runner blades usually varies between 16 to 24.

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General layout of a hydroelectric power plant using a reaction turbines

Net head at the turbine runner:

Net head at the turbine runner Work done and efficiency of Francis turbine

Work done by the runner:

Work done by the runner Work done

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