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iKix offers best 3D Printing Service in India. iKix creates precise, detailed and colourful replicas of your design with in short duration. In addition, iKix 3D Prints provide cost effective and rapid models which allows you to communicate your design effectively.


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3D Printing Services | iKix

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Welcome to the world of boundary-less designing - With iKix 3D Plasto Prints you can now create your designs without barriers. Let your creativity flow and trust iKix to breathe form into your design and to a 3D Plasto prototype! iKix offers the best 3D Printing Services in India & across the globe.   What are iKix 3D Plasto Prints?   Human mind thinks and conceives in 3D. And every designer wants to see the designs as exact part / prototype almost as soon as the design in ready. iKix Plasto 3D Prints help you do just that!   iKix Plasto 3D Prints offer an array of benefits. You can   do immediate design validation and make changes - no need to wait for weeks till the mould maker responds.   quickly check form and fit, especially in component and sub component designs   interact better with team members, vendors and suppliers for easier communication   use them in customer meetings and sales presentations, dealer trainings etc as a substitute for the original part.  

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iKix Plasto 3D Prints are economical and help you save time, cost, wastage and trouble . iKix offers best 3D Printing in India . What are the material and colour options in iKix Plasto 3D Prints?   You can get iKix Plasto 3D Prints in ABS, PLA and PVA. Choose from a wide variety of 30 colours and hues - more colours will be added soon.   Who can benefit from iKix 3D PLASTO PRINTS?   Die and Mould makers Space, Aeronautical Design firms Aircraft, Automotive companies Artists, Concept designers Medical Device makers Appliance Designers, Manufacturers Gadgets and Electronic Component makers Packaging designers Bottle and container designers  

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Other Product Design Companies Research Institutions, Universities Architects, Builders, Interior Designers Engineering colleges, Polytechnics, Design Schools and more...   How does iKix 3D Plasto Prints facilitate your business?   Reduce Time to market , Obtain faster design approvals   Make economical working models in just a few hours   Present design ideas better to customers, colleagues, vendors, partners and dealers.     Maintain design confidentiality by not sharing CAD files and only the parts   Create real product like models which are functional, durable and accurate   iKix Plasto 3D Prints is the easiest way to print a part directly from a CAD file, without investing in your own 3D Printer. All you need to do is send the CAD file to us and we will deliver the 3D Part to you. For more details on 3D Printing Services visit www.ikix.in.

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