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Interview management software is used to manage your entire Interview process in one place. Here you can track and manage the entire Interview in a standard manner.


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Manage your interviews with Interview Tracking System The interview is the most important process for any recruiters and candidates. In this process you need to have an actual human presence. You can not have much automation while conducting an interview. But yes you can manage the tracking of the interview with complete automation by using an Interview Tracking System. Let’s see the complete ideal interview process and how it can be even more effective by using an ​Applicant Tracking Software ​. Step - 1 Assign a candidate to a job would be the very first step to make a candidate appear for the interview. So first of all you need to create an impactful job description that attracts candidates and encourage them to apply for the job. Using an Interview Tracking System When using a system you can automatically promote your jobs on the platforms where candidates can directly apply for a job and you can have all those candidates into the system.

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So you never miss any important profile and have automation in having the candidates database. Step - 2 After assigning candidates for a job you need to complete the pre-screening of candidates. So you can have a brief idea about candidates behaviour and personality. Usually recruiters prefer to have a telephonic conversation with the candidate. Using an Interview Tracking System For pre-screening of a candidate this kind of system is the best tool. Because this system provides Score-card feature. Scorecards could be the easiest while approaching a candidate for the pre-screening call. Your recruiters can easily identify the personality based on different criteria and rate the candidates by stars. Step - 3 If the candidate appears good enough in the pre-screening test you can proceed for the interview round with the candidates. Earlier recruiters used to mail to the candidates for the interview round. And candidates used to send the confirmation by emails only. If because of some reasons the interview needs to be rescheduled or cancelled the same above process needs to be done of emailing. Using an Interview Tracking System This is one of the most important phases of recruiting for recruiters interviewers and candidates all. So it needs to be neat - clean and transparent. If you are using an ​interview tracking system ​ you will have multiple options for managing this step into the system. ● Candidate Self Service Portal to give the candidates the privilege to have automated updates about the status of their application and interview dates. ● Automated Emails can help you to never mess and do mistakes about pitching the updates. ● Mass Interview can save you lots of time doing repetitive tasks. ● Self Service Interview can deliver the best candidate experience to your candidates by giving them the options to choose their own convenient time to schedule for the interview.

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You can manage your interviews and track your candidates by using the interview tracking system in these three easy steps.

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