Top 3 Mobile Recruiting Strategies


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Mobile recruiting is one of the best recruitment strategies where the candidate can be attracted using mobile devices. iSmartRecruit provides career page integration and it can be operated on mobile devices easily without using any other application. Candidates can view matching job openings on any device and can send application very easily.


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Top 3 Mobile Recruiting  Strategies  January 18 2019 Nowadays the trend of smartphones keep on increasing and people are more likely to invest their time on mobiles. For recruiters it is a good platform where they can start searching for talented candidates on mobile. The corporate HR professional headhunters do search the talent give the feedback schedule an interview communicate with the candidates and more. As per research 90 of adults have smartphone devices. Why mobile recruitment is trending There are many reasons for choosing mobile recruiting Let’s discuss some of them: ★ Mobile Job Search: ​ As the number of mobile users is increasing it lets them explore for the desired job the interested candidates may apply to the job opening. ★ Trends of social media: ​It can be observed that the use of social media is on the peak this is the key benefit for the recruiters and professional headhunters to start searching for the talent just by publishing the job vacancy post. The interested candidates may directly engage with the post and they can later apply to for the job too. ★ Make the career website responsive: ​If your career page is responsive there is a great chance to attract more candidates and eventually get more relevant applications. Modern recruitment software ​ provides out of the box integration feature which helps you to show jobs in a responsive way and attract more candidate applications.

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★ Future of recruiting: ​It has been observed that the way of recruiting is transforming now the job seeker are investing their time on mobile for searching for the job applying for the job through a mobile device. So ​mobile recruiting ​ has a shining future ahead definitely. ★ Screening questions: ​To avoid irrelevant application a screening question is the best strategy. For each job you can define some particular screening questions and those screening questions will be asked when candidate try to apply for the job through a mobile device. When a candidate answers one by one question and if he feels that I am not matching with the criteria he will not submit the profile hence we can restrict the irrelevant applications.

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Modern recruiting and ​staffing software ​ provides out of box integration with a website which makes you very easy. Even the self-service portal of client and candidate can enhance the experience of candidate and client a lot. It also helps you to build a transparent relationship with them. Try out such facilities with ​iSmartRecruit ​ to get insights. You can also book a ​Free Demo today. Watch our latest video

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