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Prophet Mosque Dome of Rock Mosque Al-Aqsa Mosque English ﴡﻗﻷاﺪﺠﺴﳌاو ةﺮﺨﺼﻟا ﺔﺒﻗو يﻮﺒﻨﻟا ﺪﺠﺴﳌا ﻦﻋ ةﺬﺒﻧ يﺰﻴﻠﺠﻧإ http://www.thekeytoislam.com

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2 The Prophets Mosque It is the first Mosque to be built in Islam. The Prophet was buried in his house which was adjacent to the Mosque as Prophets are to be buried where they die. It is praisewor- thy to greet the Prophet when one passes by his grave. The Prophets Mosque in Ma- dinah can accommodate over two million people at one time. Muslims perform prayer in the Prophets Mosque in order to attain the great reward prom- ised for the one who performs prayer in it. Mosque of the Dome of the Rock Ibraheem took for himself a place of prayer and a place where he slaughtered sacrifi- cial animals. Jacob stood by it when he saw a pillar of light atop it. Moses encamped there with his people during the period of Teeh when they were lost. David built his prayer place there and the Temple of Solomon was built there. The Prophet ascended to the Heavens from there during the Night Journey. Al-Aqsa Mosque It is the second Mosque placed on earth. Abu Dharr said:

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3 I said O Messenger of Allah what is the first Mosque placed on the earth He said: Masjid al-Haram. I then asked: What is the second Mosque He said: Al-Aqsa Mosque. I asked: What is the time period between the placements of these two Mosques He said: Forty years and whenever you have to pray perform prayer for the entire earth has been made a place of prayer. Muslim It was built by Prophet Solomon son of David. Abdullah b. Amr b. al- Aas reported that Amr b. al-Aas said that the Messenger of Allah said: After Solomon son of David finished building Mosque al- Aqsa he asked Allah to bestow him a Rule and Kingdom like no one had before it not befitting anyone afterwards and that no one would come to this Mosque seeking to pray in it except that he would return from it sin-free. The Prophet said: As for two of the three requests he was granted and I hope that I will be granted the third. Ibn Khuzaimah It is the first of the two Qiblah direction of prayer the Prophet faced in his prayers and the Muslims prayed to- wards it before they were ordered to pray facing the Kabah. During the Night Journey he stopped at Mosque al-Aqsa and from there he as- cended to the Heavens. He led the prophets in prayer during this night journey. It is the third Haram sacred sanctuary after Makkah and Madi- nah.

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