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Another great franchise option is Krispy Kreme. This doughnut company has been around for awhile now, with over 249 stores in the US and they also have store locations all over the world.


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Institute for Business Acquisitions Offers Guide That Explains the Best Business Ideas:

Institute for Business Acquisitions Offers Guide That Explains the Best Business Ideas

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Good business ideas are often hard to come by these days, and the few sound ones are often too expensive. However, the Institute for Business Acquisitions aims to change that with A Practical Guide to Buying a Business. Written by the Institute’s flounder and president Tom Ellis, the program also includes a live DVD seminar with Ellis in action. In an interview with Mr. Ellis, the Institute’s president says everything he learned in his 20 years in the merger and acquisitions business is included in the program. Right at the foreword, he explains what it means to be financially independent and how it leads to personal freedom. Mr. Ellis also says the program includes the best business ideas he developed following his first company acquisition. In addition, the program explains in detail why buying a business makes sense. While there are many ways to develop and start a business, Ellis shows why acquiring a company is the most practical means to get started. In recent years there’s been a sharp increase in the number of Americans interested in running their own business and being their own boss.

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However, it isn’t easy, which is why his program explains all the important aspects such as valuation, finding opportunities, and a step by step guide to the actual purchase.. Mr. Ellis also offers advice on owning a franchise as well as tips on how to offer a purchase and how to close a deal. Most important, he explains in detail how anyone can make a million dollars in less than seven years, with several real case studies provided. According to him, there are several steps one can take to attain financial independence, all of which are explored in the program. About the Institute for Business Acquisitions The Institute for Business Acquisitions is a leading provider of advice and guidance for company acquisitions and mergers. Founded by Tom Ellis, the company offers special programs designed for everyone who wants to learn how to buy and sell companies. For more information about the programs the Institute offers

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For more information please go to Institute for Business Acquisitions, LLC 4115 Clubview Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46804

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