Beat the Summer Blues, With Air Coolers !!

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On Infibeam, we have best air coolers online at different price range & of top brands like Bajaj, Maharaja Whiteline, Symphony & many more. There is secured payment gateway, so you can pay either through cash or debit/credit card. Along with quick delivery of products.


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Beat the Summer Blues With Air Coolers Summer is the best season to buy an air cooler if you’re concerned about your budget rather than buying an AC. There is a lot of advantages for air coolers. They are very cost efective and consume less energy. Key things to consider while Buying Air Cooler: 1 Buy the right size. 2 Honeycomb pads are better. 3 Galvanised steel body coolers have more efciency and longevity. 4 Highly efcient as compared to Air Conditioners. 5 Look for Humidity Control feature if you are in a humid city.

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Shop By Type Brand : On Infbeam air cooler prices are economical which will suit each one of you. We have air coolers from trustworthy brands like Bajaj Symphony Kunstocom and Maharaja Whiteline. Some of the coolers from the brand- Kunstocom are equipped with honeycomb or a pine wood wool technology that ensures better cooling for long period. Plus they consist of mosquito net that makes sure that the mosquitoes and other insects do not fnd it a fertile ground for breeding. Tips for better working : 1. In contrast to the myth of closing all doors and windows while using air cooling having good ventilation will work in favor of your cooler. Keep the doors and windows open so that there is enough fow of fresh air in the room. And placing the cooler near the window will be an added advantage and will cool the room faster. 2. Incase there is foul smell coming from your cooler it is an indication to clean it. Cleaning and maintaining your cooler will help increase its lifetime. 3. Adding ice water or ice in coolers will lower the temperatures even further. So using ice water is a good idea on very hot days.

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Best Selling Air Coolers : Advantages of Air Coolers :  Cost-efectiveness : Air coolers are easily afordable and are much cheaper than air conditioners.  Energy-efcient : Air coolers consume up to 10 times less energy than ACs hence minimizing the electricity bills. They can also work in low voltage areas.  Environment- friendly :Air coolers are safe and do not cause any harm to the environment as they emit very low CO2 which is toxic as compared to air conditioners. They also use fresh clean air from the environment. You can keep windows open for better air circulation whereas ACs circulate stale air inside a closed room.  Portability : For window AC installation we require to dig a hole in the house whereas air coolers are portable and can be used in any part of the house. On Infbeam we have best air coolers online at diferent price range. There is secured payment gateway so you can pay either through cash or debit/credit card. Along with quick delivery of products there are also easy return and exchange policies. Purchase a quality air cooler this summer and get wrapped in its coolness when the sun is blazing fercely outside For more information please visit our online store : Shop With A Smile

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