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Things You Should Know About Acrylic Sign Boards Business owners now have a favorite material for signage and it’s the humble acrylic. From small corporations to large businesses acrylic is now the way to go for the modern business especially due to how trendy it can look. Let’s look at some things you might not know about this wonder material that so resembles glass in appearance. What is acrylic anyway It’s a kind of plastic that looks very much like glass but is far more durable. It is also shatterproof unlike glass meaning that if it does break it does so in large pieces without any jagged edges. Is it true that acrylic is suitable for interior and exterior signage products You bet it is Some business clients operate venues where an interior courtyard adds usable space to an office. Featuring a lobby sign on the exterior and interior is therefore of vital importance. Acrylic makes it possible to use the same look on both markers. Is it easy to clean an acrylic panel lobby sign Not in the least. All you need to keep the sign looking like new is a non-abrasive cloth and a bit of soap and water. Regularly wipe down the sign to maintain its appearance. And make sure to not use any cleaning materials more abrasive that these. Why should one use an acrylic sign over any other Acrylic is lightweight. When your venue is constructed in a manner that does not allow for heavy wall art or other items being attached you can still display an effective lobby marker when selecting acrylic. What will the typical acrylic sign look like There’s no such thing as the typical acrylic sign. Your sign will look however you want it too. This is down to acrylic’s most important benefit: versatility. You can choose from a broad range of colors and manufacturing techniques at very low cost. Would you like the lettering to be etched into the material Would you prefer the use of a vinyl overlay Perhaps you like the idea of adding acrylic lettering to a board. Layering too is a popular manufacturing technique. Because it is so easy to mold acrylic into whatever shape you like best it is less labor intensive and therefore less expensive to use than say glass. How do you install these markers You can utilize a variety of installation methods to suit your needs. If you like the look of a sign that seems to be floating you can have the board pin mounted. If you prefer to incorporate a metallic look

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you can have aluminum offsets to mount it. A basic panel may also be attached to the mounting surface with little more than silicone. Can you have lights with this material Yes you can. Lit acrylic signs are the next big thing rapidly gaining in popularity. Your marker can be customized to allow for backlighting with LEDs which turns your lobby sign into an instant work of art. For more visit and search our other products like Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer Acrylic Mirror Sheets Manufacturers Acrylic Bangles Manufacturers Polycarbonate Sheets Manufacturers Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Manufacturer Polystyrene Sheet Manufacturer pmma sheets manufacturer Acrylic Sheet suppliers Polystyrene Sheet

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