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Ishita Impex has its seed from the brimming ideas of its founder who brought together and pooled their individual skills. The most refined ideas and state-of-art technology combined together to create Acrylic Products that are most sort after in the industry. The goodwill and preference obtained from the global industry for our quality, we strive to achieve excellence in all aspects that we do.


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Acrylic Sheets PMMA sheets Polymethyl methacrylate PMMA is a transparent thermoplastic. Its superior light transmission properties rigidity and scratch resistance renders it to be used as a better alternative to glass in most areas of applications. Since it is lighter than glass structural requirements are lesser compared to glass. It is sometimes called acrylic glass. Acrylic is a synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. Our Range of Acrylic Sheets  Solid Acrylic sheet  Acrylic Antiglare sheet  Acrylic Prismatic sheet  A variety of colors in each type above Applications of Acrylic Sheet Signage industry uses  Point-of-purchase displays  Outdoor luminous signs  Brochure/ad holders  Retail display fixtures cases  Trade show exhibits Industrial uses  Demonstration windows housings  Infrared windows  Lighting fixture diffusers  Transparent tanks Home construction and consumer uses  Restaurant sneeze guards  Transparent lids  Tabletop covers  Framing medium

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 Map/photo covers  Bathtubs shower trays etc  Aquariums Features of Acrylic sheets  Impact strength: The impact strength of Acrylic sheets is 17 times that of glass  Light weight: The weight of an Acrylic sheet is only about half of glass  Transparency: The light transmission of Acrylic sheet is 93clear Glass is only 90  Scratch resistance  Good chemical resistance superior to most other plastic materials Chlorinated water has little or no effect on acrylic where as mineral glass degrades rapidly  Thermo formable  Free of any kind of heavy metal or poisonous ingredient  Can be milled polished routed cut bonded screwed etc  Can be easily cold and hot bended decorated with lamination and printing  Resistance to weather: Acrylic sheet has good resistance to bad weather and is not prone to yellowing

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