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What you Need to Know About Cost of Living in Australia? +1300 725 909


Australia is an unbelievable place to live alone and with family. However, if you're moving to another country, your initial and foremost concern remains conditions and the cost of living at a new place. Well, if you're not a big wealthy person or one of the wealthiest folks, you'd clearly be troubled concerning the actual fact that your expense does not exceed your earnings. The immigrants coming to Australia usually appear concerned regarding the problem of living cost with respect to of the overall opinion relating to the high cost of living in this country. So, let's determine thoroughly on what's the cost of living in Australia from the angle of a migrant. Know About Cost of Living in Australia +1300 725 909


Cost of living in Australia Food Rent Travel +1300 725 909


Cost of living in Australia Rent +1300 725 909


Rent City Centre Suburb Australian cities have abundant accommodation options both in the city centre or the business district and the suburbs. An apartment in the city may cost you around 1500 to 2500 dollars a month while in a suburb you can get the same area for around 500 dollars less. Though, a suburban home is more greener and sparse. +1300 725 909


Cost of living in Australia Food +1300 725 909


Cost of food in A ustralia G roceries Dining Out The cost of food in Australia is not much but it mainly depends on your lifestyle and preferences. On an average, the cost of groceries for one person can cost around AUD 320 a month. Eating out in a decent restaurant may cost you around AUD 30 to 40 for a person. +1300 725 909


Cost of living in Australia Travel +1300 725 909


Travelling +1300 725 909


Travelling Local Transport is not so cheap in a one-way ticket but could be reduced by taking a monthly pass for travel. A monthly pass can cost you $150. Travelling by taxi is also affordable and can cost you around $2 per kilometre. A normal sedan car can be bought in Australia by spending around AUD 25000. The cost of gasoline (petrol) is about $1.5 a litre. +1300 725 909


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