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Buy bitcoin escrow script from sellbitbuy and start your bitcoin escrow exchange platform like localbitcoins.We provided advanced features like escrow multi-signature wallet, white label solution, KYC and AML verification, etc.


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Bitcoin Escrow Script - Start Your Own Bitcoin Escrow Business Instantly. A bitcoin escrow script is a set of coding language like HTML PHP javascript that helps to create a secure bitcoin exchange platform. Where a buyer and seller can fastly transact their bitcoins without any loss. Sellbitbuy is a software company provides bitcoin escrow script to start profitable bitcoin exchange website like localbitcoinsremitanopaxful etc.

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Lets have a discussion about Why bitcoin escrow is needed in bitcoin exchange platform What are the features available in our bitcoin escrow script An overview of escrow The escrow means a trustworthy person on the website. Where buyer and sellers depend on one vendor on the website or escrow act admin for the website. Example: In an e-commerce website the seller wants to sell the item he/she can post an advertisement

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according to the product. Another side The buyer can search the item through seeing the seller post ad location price of the product etc.If a buyer is interested to buy a product he/she wants to pay money to buy an item. In some cases if the is any problem between two parties where buyer cant send the money to the seller account or buyer cant receive the item. The escrow came to solve the problem between two parties through online chat or free support call. Why bitcoin escrow is needed in bitcoin exchange industries The cryptocurrency industries first newborn baby is a bitcoin. The people use bitcoin is an indisputable payment option in everywhere around the globe. We need more concentrate In bitcoin exchange platform network because they connected a huge number of bitcoin trader in a single platform. So we need an admin or authorize a person to maintain the platform without any problem.

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How a bitcoin escrow becomes a shield for the buyer and seller in a bitcoin exchange platfromlet see below In bitcoins exchange platform the will be two processes to transit bitcoins. 1. Buyer sends payment verification slip to the seller in series to get a bitcoin in the wallet. 2. Seller sends bitcoin for the received payment slips through the buyer wallet. In this process two main people are buyer and seller at any time any of them may become a scammer in any cases. What is the solution to avoid this problem See below we explained step by step process Step1

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The new seller can create an advertisement according to their chosen location type of payment to match the correct buyer. Step 2 Another side the nearest buyer can receive the notification about the new seller ads in bitcoin exchange platform. Step 3 When the advertisement created successfully the seller bitcoin will automatically deposit in an escrow wallet. Step 4 Once the seller meets the buyer in a bitcoin exchange platform they can easily interact through the online chat. Step 5

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The seller receives the payment verification slip and he/she can click the release button automatically bitcoin will send to the buyer wallet from escrow wallet. The escrow will take 1 commission or transaction fees after the whose ads exactly match for trade. The is a lot of revenue channels we keep adding it on to our bitcoin escrow script like banner ads from other company to your bitcoin exchange website. Because we believe that one business revenue model does not bring success. What are the features in our bitcoin escrow script Sellbitbuy provides advanced bitcoin escrow script with more technical features. The bitcoin escrow script support to set up a bitcoin exchange platform you can show your uniqueness to another competitor in the crypto marketplace.

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The bitcoin escrow script includes all following features Escrow multi-signature wallet A multi-signature escrow wallet is an excellent way to provide additional safety to both buyer and seller in a bitcoin exchange platform. Most multi-signature escrow wallets need at least two different signatures to move funds or crypto to the buyer wallet White label solution A white label solution is used to set your own bitcoin price select the type of language and you can change the design layout of the bitcoin exchange website. You can change the logo for your bitcoin exchange website to improve brand awareness. KYC and AML verification

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If you are going to the office without an id card or traveling abroad without a passport and boarding pass. How people can identify you likewise In bitcoin exchange platform also have two types Know your customerKYC and Anti-money launderingAML method to collect the trader information. It is the official method strictly assigned to every exchange at the moment. According to the survey data 90 bitcoin exchange platform has implemented this regulation in their platform. Analytics report How many new traders registered in your bitcoin exchange platform You can collect the bitcoin transact history. Our special analytics can help you to take a detailed report of your bitcoin exchange business performance. Are you looking to start a bitcoin escrow exchange website and Get touch with Sellbitbuy We are available at any time to help your business growth.

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