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A new and advanced breed of applications has entered the realm known by the name Decentralized Applications DApps. No one owns them they can’t be powered down and there are no possible chances of downtime. The technology that keeps them running is the well-known Blockchain technology. 4

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Characteristics of DApp An application should follow a set of protocols in order to certify as a DApp. › Open Source - The application’s source code is open to everyone. › Decentralization - Utilizes blockchain and cryptographic technology. › Incentives - The application has crypto tokens/assets to fuel itself. › Algorithm - Token generation and inbuilt consensus mechanism. 5

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How Does Dapp Work To make a DApp function properly you’ve to follow the aforementioned factors. To explain clearly a dApp is an open-source program that’s implemented on decentralized platforms and regulated using tokens generated using an algorithm. Since it’s an open-source application it is evident that decentralized is embedded because any participant can view and contribute to the code. It also fuels the scalability of a product in terms of quality and quantity. 6

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Proof-Of-Work POW calls for prospectors to extract blocks and receive rewards. To keep the blockchain secure it is essential to mine blocks and add them to the chain it’s also an energy consumptive process. Proof-Of-Work and Proof-Of-Stake Proof-Of-Stake POS needs storing and staking of tokens in order to become a feasible masternode. This also aids in securing the blockchain and regulating the transaction processes. 7

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