Irving Scheib -Do you need help managing your online reputation?


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Looking for an online reputation management strategy to fix your reputation? This online reputation management strategy has worked for plenty of my clients. Here’s how you can also use this strategy to fix your damaged Internet reputation.


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Irving Scheib -Do you need help managing or repairing your online reputation? Irving Scheib


Irving Scheib Online Reputation Management Team Can Help! An important first step in Online Reputation Management is analysis. Stir will analyze online sentiment, perform initial reputation tracking across all major social networks, news, images, and blogs, and make recommendations for pro-active reputation management in order to provide your company with all the tools and technology necessary to have the highest degree of control over their corporate online reputation. Irving Scheib


Irving Scheib offer the following Online Reputation Management Services: Social media reputation management Social media brand management Social media monitoring and reporting Campaign/Product Launch monitoring Corporate and staff monitoring Google and search engine monitoring Blog monitoring Search engine reputation management Analytics and reporting Irving Scheib


We will: Monitor blogs, forums, social networks (Twitter), and image- and video-sharing sites Learn what people are saying about your brand, your industry, and your competition Track what people like and dislike about your brand Monitor negative and positive conversations about your brand across cyberspace Monitor the efficacy of product launches and campaigns Provide summaries of the most buzz-worthy stories Implement tools, systems, and policies for online reputation defence & building Fix, remove or bury negative Google search results Irving Scheib


Stir will also train your staff once the systems are in place should you prefer to handle online reputation monitoring and social media engagement in-house in the future, though many Stir clients choose to have Stir continue to carry out reputation monitoring and management in order to better focus their business’ time, staff, and budget. Irving Scheib

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